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Here is what’s currently on tap at Long Lot. We brew our beers to accommodate all palates, from beer-noobs to brew-snobs. We focus on great taste and drinkability. Read the descriptions below and stop on by!

There are 6 taps in our tasting room. We plan  for additional lines as we grow!​ Some styles will be available year-round while others will be rotated in depending on the season.

Mad Cow

[Milk Stout] We promise it won't make you go mad and it doesn't contain actual milk. It does however have lactose sugar which is derived from milk and is non-fermentable. This causes the beer to be a bit sweeter and yet have all the dark malts lending notes of coffee and chocolate.

ABV 5%  |  70% Black Dirt Malt NYS  |  100% Long Lot Hops NYS

Irish Red

[Irish Red] Notes of caramel,  toast and  minimal bitterness make this one of our easy drinking beers.

ABF 5.8% | 98% Black Dirt Malt NYS | 100% Long Lot Hops NYS

Naysayer Pale Ale

[Pale Ale] Featuring our neighbors just three miles away, Rushing Duck Brewing Co.!! They certainly have never been naysayers right from the start when we told them we were planning to build our own brewery here at the farm. They continue to be some of our biggest supporters.

ABV 5.2%


[Session IPA] This beer pays homage to the brewer’s father Gary who once owned a small plane and although he never performed any crazy stunts like the barnstormer pilots in the 1920's we are pretty sure he was tempted to! Session IPA with Cascade and Azzaca hops providing citrus, and tropical fruit notes.

ABV 4.2%  |  90% Black Dirt Malt NYS  |  60% Long Lot Hops NYS

Glacier Juice

[IPA] Pine Island NY is where the famous "black dirt" was created from the retreat of the glaciers from the last ice age. The soil grows many crops including most of the malt that is in our beers! India Pale Ale with balanced bitterness and notes of citrus, tropical fruit, and pine.

ABV 7.5%  |  90% Black Dirt Malt NYS  |  30% Long Lot Hops NYS

Tree Blood

[Imperial Brown Ale] This experimental beer was made with sap from our maple trees, replacing the water used to brew the beer. This Imperial Brown Ale is malt forward with minimal bitterness.

ABV 8.1% | 95% Black Dirt Malt NYS | 100% Long Lot Hops NYS

Other Beers Not  Currently On Tap

Insane Cow

[Imperial Stout] This Imperial stout has a similar base to our Mad Cow Milk Stout. However, it doesn’t have any lactose sugar added. Cocoa nibs added after fermentation add even more dark chocolate notes. The roasted malt lends to the coffee and slightly dry finish.

ABV 8.4% | 12oz pour | 2% Black Dirt Malt NYS | 100% Long Lot Hops NYS


This farmhouse style ale was traditionally brewed with lower alcohol percentages meant for a good refreshing summer beer. Ours certainly has a higher ABV but is still very easy to drink with a light, slightly dry mouthfeel, lots of fruit esters from the yeast and orange peel. Coriander adds a slightly earthy and spicy flavor.

ABV 7%  |  90% Black Dirt Malt NYS  |  100% Long Lot Hops NYS

Long Shot

[Pilsner] Hmmm that sounds similar to Long Lot!! Well, when we first started this adventure a few of our family members jokingly said "Long Lot? more like Long Shot!" So we lovingly adopted this name for our pilsner. This beer is 100 percent local featuring all Black Dirt Malts, Pilsner Malt and Long Lot’s Perle Hops. The result is a very easy drinking beer that has a bit of spice and earth from the hops.

ABV 5%  |  100% Black Dirt Malt NYS  |  100% Long Lot Hops NYS

Son Of A Bee

This was one of the first experiments with a bigger ABV beer for which we had to do two separate mashes since the grain wouldn't fit in the mashtun all at once! Featuring a heavy dose of honey, this beer goes down smooth with minimal bitterness.

ABV 9.5%  12oz pour |  98% Black Dirt Malt NYS  |  100% Long Lot Hops NYS

Over The Hill

[Cider] This is our first cider featuring our neighbors over at Roes Orchard who grew and pressed the apples. They also happen to be literally "over the hill"! Fermented with saison yeast this cider is dry, crisp, and refreshing.

ABV 6% | 100% NYS Apples

Maple Porter

[Porter] For the past few years we have been tapping some of the maple trees on the farm. So, the obvious choice was to make a beer with the maple syrup. Notes of chocolate, coffee, earth, and wood with minimal bitterness.

ABV 6% | 85% Black Dirt Malt NYS | 100% Long Lot Hops NYS

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